We can run with a customized theme, or create one for you.


Let us take care of hiring all your vendors, catering, decorating, including unique ones like magicians and dancers.


We’ll come equipped with unique and fresh ideas to help step your event plans up a notch, and create an experience that will wow your guests!

“We design events to create opportunities that create interactions.”

LIT team interviews you and get to know your significant other, their likes and dislikes, and special moments from your relationship.


Based on the responses from the interview, our Experts create personalized and unique proposal ideas for your occasion.


Once you select the perfect idea, your idea is brought to life to create the perfect proposal.

We provide all of the services necessary to make your wedding flawless.


As part of creating a personal design that reflects your dreams and desires, we help you to brainstorm ideas on how to make your wedding celebration uniquely yours.


We work with you to develop a realistic budget, we connect with the vendors and venues that will be able to bring your vision to life.

We deliver more than just superbly run meetings: we add the vision and flair that will transform your conference into a genuinely inspiring experience.


We make sure every detail of ambience and service is note-perfect.


Partly this comes from long experience; our conference managers have vast individual and collective experience at the highest levels of the conference industry.

“We do not remember days.

We remember moments.”

Our service was born out of a need for reliable help and well planned events that won’t bring an overwhelming sense of anxiety to its host.


Tailoring to your organization values, mission and objectives.


We’ll provide full conference management and compliment your existing team with our complete menu of services setting the perfect platform for leaders, influencers and advocates.










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